The Parish of St Dunstan’s and St Jude’s

In the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham

The parish is part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham - Registered Charity No 234216 (11.1)

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process through which non-Catholics can receive tuition in the teachings of the ROMAN CATHOLIC Faith and progress through a number of rituals to full communion with the Church. The RCIA at St Dunstan’s was formed in 1990 and has guided over 100 candidates through their Faith Journey.  It is also open to existing parishioners who wish to deepen their understanding of Catholicism. If you know of any non-Catholics who might be interested, please invite them to come along.

Meetings take place on every Thursday during school term time (September to June) from 7.45 to 8.45 pm in the St Dunstan’s Conference Room next to the presbytery. Refreshments are served from 7.30 pm.

Candidates appreciate very much the help given to them by ordinary parishioners who come to the meetings to share their experiences and their own personal faith journey.  Any parishioner who would like to help in this way is most welcome to come along to any RCIA meeting.  In time, all candidates are given an individual Sponsor who will act as a guiding friend to accompany them through various Church services.

We need parishioners to serve as sponsors (helpers) to the candidates.  Helpers would agree that their own faith journey is very much enriched by the dedication of candidates, who are visibly filled with the Holy Spirit. Their eagerness to embrace God’s gift of faith is a privilege to witness.

After the end of the RCIA course in the middle of June, there are follow-up sessions offering further instruction and a few tips “on living as a Catholic”.


It must be stressed and it is important to understand, that no person attending the course is under any obligation, at any time, to commit to joining the Church.

We wish all past, present and future candidates God’s speed on the rest of their journey and we will ensure that the prayers and support of St. Dunstan’s Church will be with them.




Brian Rai :  0121 246 4896

Richard Kinzett