The Parish of St Dunstan’s and St Jude’s

The parish is part of the Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham - Registered Charity No 234216 (11.1)



Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer questions about the parish and our faith. If you have a question please email to

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How can death be approached, both of ourselves, or family and friends in a way that is helpful and open?

How do I arrange a funeral?

Arranging a Funeral

Clearly death is not the favourite topic of conversation in most families, but this is not always commendable. Families are often confused and bewildered when a loved one dies as to what their wishes may be. To help with this situation and also when  the next of kin may not be religious then a faithful member of the parish may not be given the type of funeral that was desired. We know that many would not be interested in all the details and some questions can be left unanswered or let the organiser choose. But it is most important to be specific that you want a full Catholic funeral in church. Sadly the church is now observing that  the next of kin, who may be a family member who no longer practices the faith or has joined another faith or denomination, may fail to provide a full Catholic funeral for a parent or relative. If you have particular wishes regarding your own funeral why not leave instructions? There is a form “My Funeral Mass”, available from the piety store, which may help with this. This document should be kept with all your other important documents and a copy given to the parish priest and it may be wise to give one to the funeral director. The documents are available in the piety stall, cost 50p. And please remember that your  priest is always there to advise you on the liturgy, cemetery, crematorium, funeral director etc.  

Talking about death, facing death, caring for the dying

The bishops have put together a website to help to answer these questions -